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Coney Island

One crew had been up since the crack of dawn, so we spent some time resting this afternoon.  Brownies were baked, hair was braided, naps were taken…

We rallied the troops and left the house around 5:45 for the subway station.  After a crosstown ride, we arrived at Coney Island around seven.  When we got there, the girls were super excited and hungry. To our very pleasant surprise it was a little chilly with the cloud cover and sprinkles, so just about everyone now owns a Coney Island jacket, lol.

After putting our name on the list at Walburger, we walked down to Nathan’s. Some of us even had an appetizer.

I snuck down to the beach while we waited on our food to get a picture.  The water looked a lot like Texas, brownish, and the beach was trashed from a busy Friday but the solid path all the way to the water was really nice.

Walburger was a hit.  Burgers, fries and onion rings were downed and the girls couldn’t wait to hit the rides.  And hit them they did, hard for the next three hours.

A few of the highlights included:

The Cyclone–wooden coaster, Steeplechase, Soarin’ Eagle, Thunderbolt and this…

The Friday fireworks at the park were fun to watch from the rides as well.

Around midnight, standing on the subway platform, I hounded the girls and moms for quotes about their experiences at Coney Island. Here’s what I got:

Steeplechase was a very exciting thrill ride! –Kyndal

As I was riding the Cyclone, I realized I had a deep need to go to the bathroom.–Marillah

It was just amazing, Thunderbolt was mind blowing and a little frightening.–Brenda

I loved all the fast and upside down rides!–Regan

There were a lot of different rides I haven’t seen before.–Sydney

It was very fun and all the rides were great.–Chloe

My feet hurt!–Natalie

Thunderbolt was awesome!–Caitlin

The rides are thrilling, I can’t believe I rode them.–Karen

I had the time of my life and I’d do it all again, lol!–Denise

I soared on the Soarin’ Eagle and flashed all of Coney Island!–Krista

Such a fun day, I’m about to fall asleep.–Kendall

The weather was so beautiful and I was the official bag holder, I don’t do rides. –Patricia

One man I rode beside on Steeplechase asked me who we were there with.  I told him that our GS troop had saved their cookie money for three years and come to New York. “Well, you made a good choice for a Friday night.  Coney Island. There are so many options in this city but coming here is a great experience.”

He was right. –Amie

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