We came, we saw, we sold!

It’s been a good day. Hit the road from P-Ville about 9:20 this morning and arrived in Tyler around 2:30. Smooth sailing on the road, not too many potty stops!20130714-184631.jpg

We stopped for a picnic lunch at the park in Jewett, Texas.  It was such a pleasant day today, about 77 degrees outside and cloudy.  Amazing! We all looked at each other like, are we still in Texas?  Perfect driving weather too.20130714-184643.jpg

Pulled in to Tyler and found the hotel.  The girls were shocked that all we had planned for them was swimming.  It was a good surprise and they spent hours in the pool and running around the courtyard of the hotel.  Lots of fun to be had there.20130714-184702.jpg

Some housekeeping, prepping for lunches tomorrow and the all important snacks that each girl and mom will get two of every day.  Krista has devised an ingenious way of handing them out in a fair process.  Doesn’t that giant bag of treats look like fun?  Who wouldn’t want to plunge their hand into that and pull out a surprise?  And they get to twice each day!20130714-184707.jpg

While they swam and played, we ordered pizza from Mazzio’s.  Wow, been a long time since I had their pizza.  Denise and I both have high school memories associated with their restaurants.  The girls were getting a little antsy waiting on the pizza but the TV and a funny movie calmed them for just long enough.20130714-184717.jpg

Yum!  Hot pizza for everyone and salad with ranch, who could ask for more on the first day of ‘vacation?’  They ate and ate and ate.20130714-184722.jpg

and then they ate some more!20130714-184734.jpg

And just a little more.20130714-184728.jpg

Now it’s shower time and they are all upstairs getting clean and into PJ’s.  You should have heard them all “calling” the showers.  “I call first, I call second, well, I call third,” and on and on.  Thankfully, they are all good sports.  We think they’ve worn themselves out but will top them off with a sandwich making session once they are all clean and ready.  Then off to separate rooms for a little TV and ‘quiet’ time before bed.  We’ll let you know how that went in the morning, ha!










Comments on: "Day One, Headed to Tyler" (1)

  1. Look out, East Texas; your world may never be the same after these girls come through…

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