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Pancake Shop and Water Fill Up

The Pancake Shop was a zoo but delicious as always. Our waitress was from Texas and graduated from ATM of all things. We gave her a good hearty Hook ’em at our table.





After yet another potty and postcard stop at The Arlington Hotel we headed to Mountain Valley Spring Water Co. and then to refill our gallon jugs at the spring.



Now we’re hitting the road for Texas. It’s been an awesome week girls, you are officially ‘young ladies.’

Congratulations, Cadettes! We are proud of you but we are tired!



Ooohhhhh! Haunted Hot Springs Tour!

What to do after dark with thirteen, eleven year olds?

Why a haunted tour of course!

Jeff, the tour guide who actually had an architecture background was a great story teller and happily answered all the girl’s questions.



They had a blast being scared and thinking about the places they’d visited today that were ‘haunted.’ Now they all want to go to the rehab center that is the most horror movie looking building in town. They serve a great lunch that I was hoping we could eat but that may have to wait for next time.


We even learned more about the Arlington but that didn’t stop them from wanting to make one last pit stop there before heading home.


Wow, we walked a lot today! Everyone’s feet were tired. Krista got some great foot refresh spray and then the girls traded foot massages. I paid these talented young ladies for a three minute massage–I got a good deal,


Now everyone is nestled all snug in their beds. Off to Little Rock tomorrow! Goodnight.

Hot Springs Village

Since the heat index was above 100, the Ranger tours were cancelled so I got to lead the group on a mini-tour of the Hot Springs Bath House Row and the Promenade. These are places near and dear to my heart so it was fun to share it with everyone!



We started at the Lamar which is the current visitor’s center while they redo the Fordyce which is the bath house museum. They watched a movie that taught them about how the baths were used long ago–actual medical treatments and that you can still enjoy them.

Then we walked along the Promenade, stopping to feel all the hot springs. They were amazed by the heat!



Leaving the Promenade down a fun wooded path we found another spring on the Arlington Lawn.




And then on to one of my absolute favorite places in Hot Springs. The Arlington Hotel. A fixture in the city for many, many years. They have an underground ‘mall,’ so we took all the girls there to buy empty jugs to fill with spring water and then retired to the lobby bar for sodas and free popcorn.




I think they found the bathroom the most fun at the Arlington! This was a scream.


All cooled off and ready to go back outside, we hiked up the hill to the spring where everyone filled a jug and was shocked to learn they were drinking water directly out of the ground, yummy!


We closed our downtown time with shopping and ice cream. Supper time now and then a haunted tour of downtown, ooohhhhh–ooohhhhhhh!

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