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We’re Not Gold Diggers!

Made it to Crater of Diamonds State Park around 10 this morning and the girls were ready to go!

After a brief talk about what to look for, we headed out into the field. And was it ever H-O-T! Some people found the shade which was much better.






It got hotter and hotter in the sun so we finally found our way to the pool. Lots of fun being had in there now while we sit and watch. But where are our fearless leaders? Still searching for that elusive diamond. Even after professional ID, most only had jasper, quartz and volcanic ash. That didn’t seem to bother the girls.





I’ll keep you posted, because TicTac and Lead Foot are either going to find one or need the ER, hope the former is first! They may close down the park, ha. 🙂

Hitting the Road to AR!

Well, we survived the awesome rain storm and power outage in the middle of the night.  Don’t think the girls even noticed and by some miracle they all went to bed.  Hmmm, 2+ hours of swimming = deep, deep sleep, maybe?

They were all chipper this morning and are currently enjoying a free, hot-breakfast complete with Texas shaped waffles.

Excitement reigns as we head for the Radford House in Hot Springs, AR very soon!


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