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Going, Going, Stopping

Some of us are stoppers and some of us are drivers and the stoppers are winning at the moment.

Saying goodbye to Amaree in Texarkana. She’s moving, wah-wah!

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Lunch stop outside of Mt. Pleasant.

Krista tried to top my bra event by leaving the trailer open and entering the freeway. Even with all of our honking and texting it still took us a couple of minutes to stop her. Thank goodness Patricia got them on the phone and our stuff didn’t get strewn all over I-35!


Then on to South Dallas for gasoline at 7-Eleven, snacks and drinks too, of course.

And now, we’re sitting in dead stop traffic on 35 about ten miles from where we filled up the cars. Must be an accident because we’ve seen the police going by.


There’s a movie going in every car so we’re in good shape at the moment, no worries, feeling fine.

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