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Ooohhhhh! Haunted Hot Springs Tour!

What to do after dark with thirteen, eleven year olds?

Why a haunted tour of course!

Jeff, the tour guide who actually had an architecture background was a great story teller and happily answered all the girl’s questions.



They had a blast being scared and thinking about the places they’d visited today that were ‘haunted.’ Now they all want to go to the rehab center that is the most horror movie looking building in town. They serve a great lunch that I was hoping we could eat but that may have to wait for next time.


We even learned more about the Arlington but that didn’t stop them from wanting to make one last pit stop there before heading home.


Wow, we walked a lot today! Everyone’s feet were tired. Krista got some great foot refresh spray and then the girls traded foot massages. I paid these talented young ladies for a three minute massage–I got a good deal,


Now everyone is nestled all snug in their beds. Off to Little Rock tomorrow! Goodnight.

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