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Sunday Fun-Day

The bells of St. Patrick’s cathedral called us to worship on Sunday morning.  Well, we really weren’t near enough to hear them when they rang but our leader who is Catholic made sure we got there!  What an astounding feat of architecture and stained glass.  A beautiful place to refresh on a Sunday.  As an added bonus, Mayor de Blasio was there for mass in solidarity with the church and social justice.  At the end of the service he gave a moving speech and a call to action, mentioning Texas and the preceding events.

After church we walked to a cafe near Rockefeller Center for lunch and a break before our Rockettes matinee.

Such a fun show and the girls especially enjoyed having their picture made with a Rockette.  Some had individuals made as well.  The theme of the show was New York Spectacular.  The amazing precision of the dancers is so impressive.

Then it was time for another round on the Hop On, Hop Off bus.  The Uptown loop.  We rode and enjoyed the sights. Finally stopping back near Times Square, where one group left for Hillsong Church and another took to the streets for some shopping of the I ❤️ NY variety.

We all met up at the house and ended the night gorging on Rice Krispie treats. (Following a load of laundry in the dungeon, an attack by the door of the dungeon and the freaking out of the launderer by people upstairs–yeah, there’s a hole in the floor perfect for making ghost noises. More on that later.)

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