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We Came, We Saw, We Got The T-Shirt(s)

First, let me share the girl’s favorite activities.  At the final “meeting” of the trip, Karen and Krista presented the ladies with a bag of patches to commemorate their adventures in NYC and to start the fun on their soon-to-be Senior vests.  During this gathering, they asked the girls to name one activity that really took the cake for them. Here’s what they said!

The Statue of Liberty–Kendall

Throwing stuff at each other that night–Kyndal (I’m so proud;)


Coney Island–Marillah


Empire State Building–Sydney

Coney Island–Regan

Rockettes or Broadway–Caitlin

No doubt they will think back over the coming weeks and enjoy many other amazing memories of the Big Apple.

The House

Where to begin…

We stayed in a two story, walk-up in Long Island City.   Right near a train stop, it was very convenient.  The garden out back was beautiful, even with it’s very Beatrix Potter inhabitants (rats mainly) and I picked basil one night to use in a recipe.  My review goes down from here.

Oh, one more humorous thing, the “second” bathroom in the room where Marillah and I stayed was, in Krista’s words, “Smaller than an RV bathroom.”  The sink was the most entertaining and cute attraction. Lol!

If I were to list the other more “exciting” aspects they would be: lack of a banister on the second story, brand new AC units of which only a few actually worked, a dishwasher that was not secured–this brought huge laughter from the girls one night as they tried to load it and we used the couch pillows to prop it up while we worked, and the infamous hole in the first floor.

Need to go to the bathroom at night?  Better watch your step!

On the bottom level there was an inside door to the basement where the washer and dryer resided, but you could not use it to get there.  Yes, what was holding that lovely door in place was Duck tape.  You heard me, Duck tape. That was thrilling enough without the storm cellar style doors on the outside where you accessed the basement.  They stayed open all the time.  You’re catching my drift right?  Here we are in a strange city, with an always open basement door and the interior one secured with Duck tape.

But I digress, the hole, back to the hole. The first floor residents discovered that it went all the way through the floor and that one could play ghost to those in the basement.  On more than one occasion the use of said hole was employeed to great fright and hilarity. “Ooooooh, ooooooh, oooooh!”  Amazing what a little suggestion will do.

Then there was the one night those metal, cellar doors were closed and they fell on me, but I’d already had a recent tetanus shot so all was good.

Well, and there was the protocol for the washer and dryer that involved a step ladder, but I’ll stop now for fear that you might never let your daughter attend another Girl Scout trip.

I mean, we were in a place called Dutch “Kills,” after all.

Truly, madly, deeply this was an impactful trip for Troop #131. An amazing cookie reward and a lifetime learning experience about people, places and history.  They will take this with them into 8th grade and high school next year and hold onto the memories forever.

They ❤️ NY.




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