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Give Me Some Gum-Gum, Dum-Dum

Girl Scout National headquarters is on 5th Avenue.  Yesterday morning around ten we arrived on the nice tree lined walk outside the mother ship.  We checked into the building and rode the elevator to the 11th floor where the receptionist greeted us and chatted while we got settled for our tour.

Back on the elevator to the 17th floor we were met by our guide who showed us the new exhibit, Epic Reflections of  which included Girl Scout fashions from years past.  It turns out that Halston designed the 1960s leader uniforms–how fun would those have been?

Next was the room of Girl Scout hopes, dreams and realities through the years.  Another guide shared a very personal story about her life as a young woman.  She had a huge dance opportunity in NYC but her family and husband at the time didn’t feel it was right for her. Later realizing what a major loss this was, she now encourages girls to reach for their dreams and work hard, no matter what. Our tour was topped off with a Girl Scout cookie from the jars in their office.

Then we had a party in the Girl Scout store.  Seriously.  Like such a major blast that some people had to ship their merchandise home.  It was fun for all.

Of course we posed the girls on the sign and took lots of pictures and then it was back toward the subway.  Everyone was hungry and dragging a little bit when we arrived outside Macy’s.  Karen suggested we take a quick look, see the highlights and then go eat.  As it turned out, Macy’s contained four restaurants and we all enjoyed a tasty meal on the lower level at their chef inspired food court.  A touch of shopping later and we were headed to the American Museum of Natural Histoy.

We let everyone loose in the museum until closing time.  I found the “Night at the Museum” self-guided tour and we all had a good time taking photos near the Easter Island replica.

The day was winding down, such beautiful weather, and we were ready for our bike ride in Central Park.  A quick subway hop and about ten admonishions to the girls later, that indeed they would be wearing helmets–this was NYC–and we found ourselves on a busy New York street.  What? I thought this bike rental was in the Park.  Never imagined it was two blocks away and we’d actually get to use the bike lane right beside the crazy taxis!  No one was quite prepared for this but all was well in the end, all fifteen alive and accounted for, in one piece and with only very minor injuries.

Bikes returned and licenses retrieved, we set off for home. Karen’s chicken spaghetti was on the menu and everyone helped get it ready.  The really tired girls morphed into energizer bunnies after eating the delicious meal. Good thing tomorrow is a day when everyone can get a little extra sleep.

All is quiet in the house.  There is a party going on next door.  “It’s Monday people,” I almost shouted out my window at 1:00 a.m., but it’s summer so any day is game, I guess.

Watch for updates of everyone’s adventures on “Girl Scout’s Choice” day coming soon!

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