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E, E, What Starts With E? Empire State and Eataly!

Had a leisurely start to the morning and caught the subway around 9:45 for the Empire State Building.  Everyone was still recovering from their Coney Island fun so it was a quiet crew.

They took in the sights at the Empire State Building and dutifully posed for pictures.  After about an hour they were ready to go and eat.  Hmm… sounds familiar doesn’t it?

A quick jump on the Hop On, Hop Off bus and we arrived at Eataly.  Everyone was overcome with the size and variety available.  A few of us snuck away to eat other things–I found the vegetarian place. 😉

Now they are finishing up and getting ready to roam around.  I see chocolate, coffee and a visit to the Nutella bar in the near future.  Yum!

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