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One Last Bite of the Big Apple

For our final full day in NYC Tuesday, we chose up sides and did as we pleased.  It was Girl Scout’s choice.  Smaller groups left in the morning and some joined and switched later in the afternoon.  One group didn’t get home until 1:30 a.m.  Party animals!

Check out the photos below to see who did what and how much fun everyone packed into their last day.

Pretty sure most returned to Eataly, lol.

Kyndal and Sydney visited Juilliard.

Brenda and Caitlin on the terrace at the Met.

Kendall at the Met.

Gossip Girl tour.

Times Square at night with Kendall and Regan.

Regan and the mounted police.

Denise and Regan at Le Mis.

An after show treat at Ellen’s.

Chloe and Natalie with Karen and Suzette.  Ready to eat some cheese at Reclette.

Eataly Crepe with Strawberies and Nutella.

Macy’s anyone?Amie, Marillah, Caitlin and Brenda at the Met.

William selfie!

Cheese, glorious cheese!

Downtown, downtown.

9/11 Museum

Out for some authentic Chinese food!

All you need is love.

Patricia went there too.

With “Olivia’s” painting. 😉

More Eataly!
And more…And more…And still more!

Most of Troop #131 is back in Pflugerville tonight.  A few of the girls went other places.  Regan is in Boston on her way to Wales for a GS Destination trip, Marillah is still in NYC for a couple of days and Sydney is also in NYC for a softball tournament.  We’re so proud of these young ladies.  They worked very hard to earn this trip and they have no doubt learned a lot while visiting NYC.  Go Troop #131, way to sell those cookies!

Check back tomorrow for a final trip summation complete with list of girl’s favorites, and all the down and dirty details of the house where we stayed.  Believe me, you won’t want to miss it!

Big City, Even Bigger Day

The morning began with a tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Our tour guide, “Uncle” Jeff was quite entertaining and kept all laughing on the four-hour tour.  We learned all kinds of things about the history of the statue and it’s sculptor, Bartholdi–especially that he loved his mother lots and used her likeness for Lady Liberty’s face.

Amazing how ginormous the statue really is in person–Caitlin

Ellis Island showed everyone the reality of being an immigrant to the US from 1892-1922. What it required to enter the country and how long it took many families to save the money for passage to the states, some only to be separated again due to illness or other issues.  Many were eventually reunited.
Ellis Island has special meaning because my great-great grandfather came here from Bulgaria–Marillah

Then it was off to the World Trade Center Memorial.  We even caught a city bus because everyone was so tired at that point.  Our navigators Denise and Krista got us right on, across from Battery park.  When we got there, we advised the girls to be reverent and respectful.  Here is what a few of them thought about the experience.

The quietest I’ve ever seen New Yorkers–Kyndal

Very nice and very pretty–Natalie

Really majestic how the water flowed, the infinity of the water--Sydney

Then it was back on the subway to our house for a little relaxation and getting ready for an evening of Broadway.

Matilda was amazing.  Hilarious, very representative of the story and met all Matilda fan’s “expectations.”  Chocolate cake anyone?

Ms. Trunchbull was so funny!–Regan

Now we are standing in line waiting for our box of treats from Carlo’s bakery–Cake Boss, people, in case you wondered.

Tomorrow is an extra early one with a GMA concert in the park on tap.  Wonder if we’ll be able to get the girls up at that hour of dark-thirty?

It was a full day of NYC fun and education.  The girls are soaking up the sights, sounds and culture at every turn and thankfully we haven’t misplaced anyone yet!

Tomorrow is another day.  Lol.

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