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Pancake Shop and Water Fill Up

The Pancake Shop was a zoo but delicious as always. Our waitress was from Texas and graduated from ATM of all things. We gave her a good hearty Hook ’em at our table.





After yet another potty and postcard stop at The Arlington Hotel we headed to Mountain Valley Spring Water Co. and then to refill our gallon jugs at the spring.



Now we’re hitting the road for Texas. It’s been an awesome week girls, you are officially ‘young ladies.’

Congratulations, Cadettes! We are proud of you but we are tired!



Hitting the Road to AR!

Well, we survived the awesome rain storm and power outage in the middle of the night.  Don’t think the girls even noticed and by some miracle they all went to bed.  Hmmm, 2+ hours of swimming = deep, deep sleep, maybe?

They were all chipper this morning and are currently enjoying a free, hot-breakfast complete with Texas shaped waffles.

Excitement reigns as we head for the Radford House in Hot Springs, AR very soon!


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