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Flag Raising

So, the girls have not forgotten the events of yesterday and honored me with a very special flag raising just now.

Be sure and zoom in on the picture for the full effect!



Oh how I love these girls!

The fun is only just beginning.


Well, our fun in the ‘sun’ was cut very short by a summer shower that turned into a line of thunderstorms. At least we got to have some wet fun first and ride the awesome hillside flume!



They played hard until the thunder, lightning and rain struck and then they danced on the hill once they had to get out of the water.


And finally, after a couple of false starts we were given our money back and told it was time to go. That’s when I realized my bra was missing. Of course the entire troop had seen it on the ground and had a huge laugh. The man retrieved it from the trash for me and then I posed in my shame. Oh, the girls are so amused and have told me all kinds of hilarious things (like, don’t you feel so free?) and well, guess it doesn’t hurt to teach them about bring a liberated woman, ha!


On the road to the Radford House now for supper and chillin’!

Singing in the rain…just singing in the rain…


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