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Big Apple or Bust

A few different planes, trains and automobiles later, Troop #131 arrived in Dutch Kills, NY–aka a neighborhood of Long Island City. The girls had a great time hanging out at the house, although due to an “overbooking” issue, six people are down the street for the night.  
After everyone was settled in, we moved on to the Dutch Kills Centraal for a delicious dinner of burgers and fries, house cured olives and gourmet mac and cheese. Then we hopped the subway to Serendipity for dessert, with a quick stop by Dylan’s Candy Bar. Because who can resist candy and sweet political satire?

Now everyone is full of frozen hot chocolate, blackout cake and frozen coconut lime.  Time for bed. Not!

One more subway ride for the evening and we’ll be back in our little corner of the Dutch Kills neighborhood and tucked in for our first night in #NYC.

Good night #ATX, we’ll have more in the morning.

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